Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Such a comparison is difficult because there is currently no exact equivalent content in the world to which Letar can be compared.

The purpose of Letar’s development and its setup are different from other contents. Letar is the first and only education platform in its field in the world with its combined technology, software, content, functions, education standards/curriculum-compatible course plans, usage options, and diversity. However, Letar is not just content, software or technology. It is a brand-new education platform, a new-generation educational approach, developed by experienced educators, with an educational philosophy and scientific basis, built from end to end. Therefore, school-teacher-student are form a whole in Letar platform. In order to sustain this technological transformation in schools where Letar is used, Letar experts carry out a long-term support and collaboration process with schools.

Letar starts from the fact that every child is a unique individual. It argues that knowledge will gain meaning and become long-lasting through systematic thinking, interpretation, and experience, and that only in this way will the true potential of our children be tapped.
Letar combines this approach with the most advanced technology in the world.

  • Thanks to the Extended Reality (XR) technology, Letar creates educational environment by bringing together the AR/VR technologies.
  • In Letar, 3D models are not the content themselves but they are just a tool. The real difference in Letar is the projects and activities that are built and can be built by using different functions of these models.
  • In Letar, there are no generic activities that are characterized as “happy pads” which is a proceed method on a linear scenario that leaves no room for freedom for the user. Also in such activities once a student uses that applications, the content becomes exhausted. Instead, Letar has unlimited scenarios and scenario building tools that gives users a free environment and allow them making mistakes and learning by mistakes.
  • Letar is aligned with and can be adapted with different education standards/curriculum. Activities are supported by course plans. Content, activities, and course plans can be designed in line with each states’ curriculum and can be adapted to each curriculum.
  • In addition to the ready-made content offered in Letar, teachers can create unlimited content, activities and course plans customized for their students and schools based on the themes offered. They can design lectures, quizzes, and projects. They can easily upload the content they produce to their own Letar software.
  • Teachers can create educational videos on AR mode with Letar.
  • Letar provides all variety of usage solutions together: Letar Laboratory (Let’s Magic), where each student can experience the content in the XR environment; Letar Classroom (Let’s View), where teachers can use it in the classroom for lecturing; and Letar WebXR where students can use it on their own computers anywhere.

In summary, Letar is different from all the products you have encountered so far with its unique technology, content, software, functions, usage options, and diversity.

Augmented reality (AR) is a technology whereby a digital object is placed in the physical environment, and virtual reality (VR) is when the user is placed in the digital environment. Whereas Mixed Reality (MR) is the combination of the above-mentioned technologies. Extended reality (XR) uses all these three technologies together. This offers the users the possibility to use and manipulate digital objects in the environment. XR requires more advanced hardware and software technology than others.

Thanks to the specially developed new generation XR hardwares, there is no need to use AR/VR glasses. Thanks to this, users do not experience the downsides associated with long-term use of VR glasses. In addition, thanks to the glasses-free usage technology, while using Letar students are not trapped on the computer screen, and 360° interactions with their teachers and friends continue uninterrupted in the classroom.

Letar was developed for lower- and upper-secondary education. It offers maths and science course contents for lower secondary (or middle school), and maths, physics, chemistry, biology, and geography contents for upper secondary (or high school) classes.

Letar Let’s Magic runs on XR hardwares. Letar Let’s View works on smart boards and screens that have the HDMI solution that can connect to XR hardwares. Letar WebXr can be used on any computer with an internet connection.

Since Letar is a holistic education platform including school, teacher, and student functions, it is sold only to schools or education centres. Any student whose school uses the Letar platform can also use this system at home on their personal computer through Letar WebXR.

Since Letar is a holistic education platform including school, teacher, and student functions, it is sold only to schools and education centres. For this reason, Letar demo presentations are also only made for schools and education centres. Parents can contact their school and request that the school enquire about Letar.